Collapse of the Shah’s Regime: White Revolution and Nixon Doctrine

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe via email. Thanks for reading!To understand the situation in Iran today and the difficulties of U.S. relations with Iran, it helps to look at the role the U.S. played during the Shah’s regime and why the regime, which appeared strong, [...]

American Roots of Persian Nationalism and Modern Iran

At the time of  the Kajar dynasty, the U.S. had  very positive relations with Iran, and individual Americans played important roles in the development of Persian nationalism and modern Iran. For example, American land grant colleges were the model for Iranian education.  Americans like Dr. Samuel Martin Jordan and Jane Doolittle created a very positive [...]

Keep Your Eyes on Iran’s Security Forces

In the midst of the current crisis in Iran, it would be easy to be thoroughly confused.  There is always a certain degree of fog in such a situation.
Protests can bring down regimes especially if the security forces disobey orders and/or go over to the side of the protestors or are not called on at [...]