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Q: Is The Professor’s House a real house or is it just a website? If it’s a house, why do I get a book when I google it?

A: It’s the home where Suzanne and I live, but it’s also a website. We began calling it “The Professor’s House” because I loved reading the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis to our children and making them the characters in the stories. The wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was in the professor’s house. Originally, we planned for The Professor’s House to be a B&B because we enjoy staying at them when we travel, but we realized it was too much work. When we started The Professor’s House website, we forgot about Willa Cather’s well-known book, so I’ll have to become a lot more famous to show up in the first page of google. Thanks for asking.

The Professor's House, Art and Suzanne's home in Moline, Illinois

Q: Dr. Pitz, have you ever ridden an elephant?

A: Yes. I’m the tallest one doing the waving. In Israel I rode a camel, but it didn’t go this well. Suzanne likes riding horses, so I tried riding a pony. My feet were no more than a foot off the ground, and I was yelling “whoa” as soon as Penny the pony started walking.

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride

Thanks for asking,
Dr. Art PItz
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