The History Behind Honduras: Gunboat Diplomacy Is Over

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe via email. Thanks for reading! The recent coup in Honduras begs the question: What will the U.S. do?  There is a long history of American intervention in Central America–will this history repeat?  In a word–no.

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Keep Your Eyes on Iran’s Security Forces

In the midst of the current crisis in Iran, it would be easy to be thoroughly confused.  There is always a certain degree of fog in such a situation.
Protests can bring down regimes especially if the security forces disobey orders and/or go over to the side of the protestors or are not called on at [...]

Is Hungary a Cautionary Lesson for Iran?

President Obama is being criticized for not issuing strong statements in support of the pro-democracy forces in Iran.  Certainly, one can understand the appeal of this criticism as it would affirm our values and arguably could encourage those pro-democracy forces in Iran.
However, I am mindful of what happened when we did just that in Hungary [...]

Could Ahmadinejad Stop Health Care Reform?

As you may have witnessed, there have been a fair amount of comparisons of the current financial crisis with the Great Depression.  Recently, I attended a presentation on this topic by the well known American historian Dave Kennedy.  In his view, and I agree with his analysis, many of those comparisons are off the mark.
Why? The comparisons [...]

Cold War Left Overs: North Korea Today

North Korea is the one remaining hot spot left over from the Cold War, and the chance of the regime changing anytime soon are almost nonexistent. To understand North Korea today, it helps to take a look at its past.  Korea was long under Chinese control and/or influence until Japan took it over in the aftermath [...]