Arab-Israeli Conflict, part 3

This post was written by Dr. Art Pitz on March 2, 2009
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The next segment of my four-part series on the Arab-Israeli conflict tells the story from WWII to the eve of the Six Day War in 1967. Part 3 covers:

  • the chain of events set up by WWII that led Britain to give up the Palestinian mandate to the United Nations to resolve who should govern Palestine.
  • how the U.N. partition plan led to the independence of Israel and the Palestinian “naqba” (catastrophe).
  • the uniqueness of Israel and the development of key trends in the Arab World, especially national socialism

Here’s an important key: “The Nazi party in Hitler’s Germany was able to spread its anti-semitic propaganda in the Arab world in the 1930’s, and this has enormously complicated matters ever since. Why were they able to do this?” Listen and find out.

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Dr. Art Pitz
The Professor’s House

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